What to expect

Veneers offer an effective cosmetic solution to creating an attractive smile.

Ideal for patients with cracked, chipped, worn-down, misaligned, uneven or discoloured teeth (that can’t be treated with tooth-whitening) or to cover small gaps between teeth, porcelain veneers can be applied with little or no anaesthesia and work exceptionally well for improving the appearance of front teeth.

While they will make your teeth look better, they do not treat underlying conditions such as gum disease and/or tooth decay. These dental health issues must be treated and resolved prior to applying veneers.

Veneers may not be suitable for people with limited tooth substrate, poor quality tooth enamel, bruxism (tooth-grinding or jaw-clenching), previous extensive restoration. Veneers also require good oral hygiene.

At your initial visit, your dentist will make a full assessment and advise you on the best options to enhance your smile.

The process

Our porcelain veneers are custom-made in our onsite dental laboratory. Designed to enhance your natural smile, their light-reflecting and translucent properties are specifically formulated to mimic those of natural tooth enamel.

These thin, durable and attractive porcelain tooth-shaped shells are permanently bonded to the surface of your teeth, effectively hiding stains, cracks and discolouration, and leaving you with a smile you can be proud of.


Unlike crowns where the entire tooth is covered, veneers cover only the front part of each tooth, making them less invasive, easier to apply, and more affordable.

Porcelain veneers tend to be the better option when teeth are misaligned or when more extensive work is required. However, veneers made from composite materials are also available. They may not last as long as porcelain veneers, but they are less expensive.

While prices vary depending on the number of veneers and complexity of the restoration, composite veneers usually cost around $600 each, whereas porcelain veneers tend to cost around $1500 each.

A quick chat with your dentist will help clarify which material is the better option for your particular situation.

Health Fund Rebates

We accept and will assist with the processing of all private health fund claims. Our practice also conveniently offers HICAPS for immediately processing claims.

If you’re unsure how much your health fund will cover for your treatment, simply ask one of our friendly receptionists to assist you with a health fund quote. It’s quick, easy and can help you to make the best decision regarding your treatment options.

Our guarantee

At Ivy Dental, you’re more than just a patient, you’re part of our family. We guarantee that no matter how anxious you may initially feel when visiting the dentist, we’ll do all we can to help you feel relaxed and at ease.

From the moment you walk through the doors at our Everton Park and Nundah dental practices, you’ll be welcomed, supported and accepted unconditionally. We’ll tailor our approach to suit your needs, desires, facial characteristics, personality and budget. We’ll gently guide you through each step of the process and help you to achieve the sensational smile you’ve always longed for.

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